Amazing Connection Fizzled

Amazing Connection Fizzled?

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At just a few months into your relationship are you stressed that your new love seems distant? Feeling like your amazing connection fizzled and scared it might be over? Is this the end? Or just a phase that will pass? Well, that may depend on how you respond. It’s hard …

ad Dating Advice From Friends

How To Avoid Bad Dating Advice From Friends

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Being single can be frustrating for many reasons. The annoyance of having to put up with everyone else’s opinion about your love life makes singledom even worse. This nosey concern is typically followed by well-meaning tips to help you find “your person.” However, being in a relationship doesn’t make you qualified to …

Pay Attention to Clues of Bad Behavior (Red Flags)

Pay Attention to Clues of Bad Behavior (Red Flags)

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After a breakup I always ask my clients if they know what went wrong. Just about all of them can point to at least one thing that happened that foreshadowed their breakup, they just didn’t pay attention to those clues of bad behavior. You can save yourself a lot of heartache and also time …