Still Single? Dating Again? Create a Lasting Relationship

You know you're doing something wrong. I can help you figure out what you don't know, so you can take action to find & create the love life you want.

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About me

Most of my expertise comes from my own unique experiences - which includes coaching all sorts of people since 2007 - young, old, male, female, LGBTQ2+. If I didn't personally go through something, one of my clients or friends did, and I helped them through it. 

Prior to attending NYU I had lived and dated in NYC since the 80's when a modeling agency got me my first apartment. Los Angeles for acting in the 90s, when "Me Too" was accepted as the casting couch. By 2001, back in NY I had gotten so good at dating I was asked to be in a reality show called, "The Real Sex & the City". That lead to co-hosting a talk show about sex & relationships and by the end of that decade I was writing my first magazine column, had been through NYU and was now coaching others. I published my book and became the relationship expert for Good Morning America.

I'm such a better person because of you Donna Barnes.


Palm Beach, Florida

Why You Need My Action Plan

All your relationships that didn't work out have one thing in But that's great news because you are the only person you can change. My favorite expression is: 


 I'll guide you through my 3-Step Action Plan to help you improve your primary relationship, the one with yourself. Become your best you, then choose the right person, and make it last.

Fix Your Most Important Relationship

Your relationship with yourself is the only relationship you have complete control of. Take action to unpack your baggage, raise your self-esteem, and set SMART goals; so you can feel empowered and truly love yourself. Like attracts like, as you get healthier, you'll be attracted to a healthier person...and healthier people will be very attracted to you.

Change Your Pattern and Make Better Choices

Decide EXACTLY what you want and need in a relationship, identify your past patterns, your personal deal-breakers, and create healthy boundaries to aid you in choosing a great partner, then turning it into a loving, lasting relationship. 
Everyone has issues, it's a matter of managing your own and picking a person whose issues don't clash with yours.

Keep A Relationship Once You Find Someone

Everyone is insecure on some level and anxiety frequently gets in the way of a great initial connection. You need to stay grounded and think clearly when you're feeling rejected, confused, angry, jealous, or emotional. You need to feel lovable so you can give and receive love; and resist pushing away a good partner.


Ways I Can Help

You get a lot of dates but can't create a relationship or keep a partner longer than 6 months.
You're recently divorced or widowed and don't know how to start dating again.
You want to break your pattern of picking unavailable or toxic people - wasting time with the devil you know.
You don't feel lovable, and your insecurity keeps ruining your relationships.
You met someone great, and you don't want to mess it up.

more About me

Over the past 30+ years I’ve tried everything. I can tell you first-hand what does and doesn’t work. I've lived a very charmed and exciting life, filled with love, but have also endured more than my share of heartbreak. It hasn't always been easy.

My first real heartbreak came as a teenager when I suddenly lost my Mom. I became a model and actress and broke a lot of hearts while selfishly pursing my career, until I had my heart ripped out at age 30, before "ghosting" was even a term and there was no internet to search for answers.

Knowledge is the only thing that makes me feel better. I've studied psychology, and Neuroplasticity - the brain's ability to change and adapt due to experience. I'm NYU certified, however, I can promise you there has been no better teacher than my personal experiences over five decades.

I'm told I'm easy to talk to, and coaching with me frequently takes on a big sister or mentor type feeling. I have now coached hundreds of people since 2007, which makes me uniquely qualified to understand and support you - so you can do it better.

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Take a closer look

Why are you still single?...

"You're very easy to talk to and enthusiastic about what you teach."


New York, NY

"Beyond expectations"

"My appointment with you was beyond expectations. Your insight, knowledge and personal experiences combine to offer much more than anyone I've previously met with."


Lansdale, PA

"Spot on advice"

"I wish I would of come across your advice earlier. I bet half the population are making these mistakes but don't know it."


New York, NY

"Better than any other coach!"

"I really want to thank you for all your help and support, and answering my emails and meeting me at random times etc. I realize I was able to achieve more with you in only 13 hours than I was able to achieve with all the other coaches I had worked with in 40+ combined hours of coaching."


London, England

"Best coaching program!"

"I was very confused before our conversation but now my situation is much more clear thanks to you! I can't wait to put all your advice into practice. I will reach out to you again should I need your advice in the future."

Leslie - New York, NY

"Excellent insight"

"I got engaged two weeks ago. Thanks for all your excellent insight over the years."

John - New York, NY

How to Find Your Person
 without Settling 

If you're just starting to date again after a divorce or other loss, or you've never been married and you're tired of dead-end relationships, tell me what's going on and I'll tell you how I can help.

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Benefit 1

Like attracts like. As you become more confident and feel desirable, you'll be attracted to and attract a healthier partner.  

Benefit 2

Healthy boundaries, effective communication. and self-awareness will help your next relationship to last forever.

Benefit 3

Feeling loved by the person you love makes you feel whole and complete. A supportive partner makes you feel like you can accomplish anything.

100% Confidential

I offer an unbiased, sympathetic ear to give you insight into what you may be doing wrong and help you process what you’re feeling. I'll give you tools to help you grow.

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