Amazing Connection Fizzled?

DonnaBarnes A New Relationship Leave a Comment

At just a few months into your relationship are you stressed that your new love seems distant? Feeling like your amazing connection fizzled and scared it might be over? Is this the end? Or just a phase that will pass? Well, that may depend on how you respond.

It’s hard not to get needy when you feel insecure about your lover’s feelings for you. But neediness will push your partner further away. You need to maintain your power and stay true to who you are, who s/he fell in love with in the first place. Giving your partner space is sometimes helpful to allow them to process their true feelings—especially for right handed men.

Women and left handed men can think and feel at the same time. But right handed men can only think or feel at any given time. It’s the way their brain is wired. So if you’re in love with a right-handed man giving him space may help him decide you’re the one for him.

However, it may also allow him to recognize you’re not right for him. If that’s the case, trying to change his mind will not help you. It’s much better for you to find out the truth sooner rather than later so you can move on and find someone who truly values being with you. You do not want to waste anymore time with the wrong person.

So after giving him or her some space, ask if you can talk about a few things. Then using “I” statements tell her you’ve noticed she’s been a little distant and ask if something is wrong. Give her the chance to tell you what’s bothering her and see if it’s something you can change. It may be something simple to fix and things will get even better between you. Just don’t get your hopes up.

In all likelihood, your relationship is going to end. He just may not be good at expressing his feelings. He may not know how to tell you the relationship isn’t working for him. If you initiate that conversation he may say nothing is wrong—but then end up ghosting you to avoid the conflict. You need to prepare yourself that this probably is the end of your relationship.

Be strong, and don’t allow her to make you feel badly about yourself. Most relationships only last three to six months because that’s when issues start to come to the surface. You absolutely want to be with someone who’s issues don’t clash with your issues. Each relationship you have teaches you a little more about who is truly right for you. So look at this experience for what you can learn from it.

Don’t look back at all the wonderful things from the beginning when you met. Keep your thoughts in today and accept the reality that s/he is not that person anymore. S/he is not making you feel loved. And feeling loved is the number one thing to show you the quality of any relationship. If this person isn’t making you feel loved then you need to let go so you can find another who will.

I know it’s hard to deeply connect with someone and that’s what causes people to hang on to relationships that aren’t making them happy—they’re afraid they’ll never find that kind of love again. Please don’t be that person. Hanging on to a love that isn’t fulfilling your needs only keeps you in limbo. Which prevents you from ever being happy.