Insecurity is All in Your Head

Insecurity Is All In Your Head

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Everyone is insecure on some level. We can feel unwanted, unloved, unappreciated, inadequate, undeserving, neglected, and so on. Fear is mostly to blame. We fear abandonment, betrayal, intimacy, commitment, etc.  But all of our fears and insecurities are created by our thoughts. Which means, insecurity is all in your head. …

5 Tips to Handle First Date Nerves

5 Tips to Handle First Date Nerves

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Do you get nervous on dates? Be careful, you may be sending the wrong message to your date — that you’re not interested. The most common reason people get nervous is because they want their date to like them. Unfortunately, that is usually what causes the date to fail. If you …

Don't Test Your Partner

Don’t Test Your Partner

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Do you test your partner to see how much s/he loves you? Or to see how he’ll respond in a particular emotional circumstance? If so, are you aware that you’re playing dangerous games? Playing games in a relationship doesn’t work. Games create competition, and a winner and loser. Playing games is …