5 Examples of Inappropriate Boundaries

5 Examples of Inappropriate Boundaries

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Being in a relationship with someone doesn’t give you permission to be part of everything in their life. Time apart from each other is actually necessary to keep you both happy, and snooping is never helpful. Do you know if you have inappropriate boundaries? Part of having healthy boundaries is accepting your …

Are you too picky?

Signs Your Single-Self Is Too Picky

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“Why are you still single?” is a commonly asked question that is essentially a backward compliment. It implies “Wow, you’re great, why doesn’t anybody want you?” The most common responses are: “I just haven’t met anyone I have chemistry with.” “The one I wanted got away.” “All the good ones …

How to Respond to “Why are you still single?

How to Respond to “Why are you still single?”

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The question, “Why are you still single?” is highly inappropriate because it implies, “What’s wrong with you?” But try not to take offense to it and please don’t defend yourself. Simply respond with an empowered answer. You absolutely do not need to explain the details of why you haven’t gotten married yet. Bottom …

How to Have Healthy Boundaries

How to Have Healthy Boundaries

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Having healthy boundaries means knowing your inner feelings, wants, needs, and limits, as well as fulfilling and enforcing them without hurting others. That means finding your true self and protecting it, no matter what, without needing anyone else’s approval. Enforcing healthy boundaries means not letting anyone else change what you know is right for …

Don't Test Your Partner

Don’t Test Your Partner

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Do you test your partner to see how much s/he loves you? Or to see how he’ll respond in a particular emotional circumstance? If so, are you aware that you’re playing dangerous games? Playing games in a relationship doesn’t work. Games create competition, and a winner and loser. Playing games is …