Insecurity Is All In Your Head

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Everyone is insecure on some level. We can feel unwanted, unloved, unappreciated, inadequate, undeserving, neglected, and so on. Fear is mostly to blame. We fear abandonment, betrayal, intimacy, commitment, etc.  But all of our fears and insecurities are created by our thoughts. Which means, insecurity is all in your head.

Our thoughts create our feelings. Our thoughts can trick us into feeling like something is wrong when in reality everything is fine. This happens all the time in relationships when one partner doesn’t feel as loved or appreciated by the other. Imaginations can be very destructive.

So when you find yourself thinking all sorts of crazy thoughts based on intuition and not facts please recognize it’s your thoughts that are creating your insecurity, not necessarily your partner.

You can stop your insecurity by focusing on the facts. Take your emotions out of it and be objective. Only respond to what is actually happening, not what you “think” is happening. And don’t go searching to find facts to back up what you “think” is happening based on an intuition.

Jealousy is a huge insecurity that frequently causes people to check up on their partners purely to stop their insecurity, not because they truly believe their partner is cheating. That creates a real problem when there wasn’t one, and frequently sabotages the relationship.

Unfortunately, we usually manifest the exact things we’re fearful of because we’re so focused on that fear. It makes us needy, making our partner’s feel smothered, and then the relationship falls apart. Unless we stay empowered and use our thoughts to make us stronger. Don’t allow your thoughts to make you insecure.