Don't Reject When Feeling Rejected

Don’t Reject When Feeling Rejected

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It’s a defense mechanism to reject someone you’re feeling rejected by. But if you’re feeling rejected by the person you’re in a relationship with you need to resist that instinct and instead communicate how you’re feeling. You need to find out what you don’t know before you create a problem …

Falling in Love Too Fast Isn't Good 2

Falling in Love Too Fast Isn’t Good

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Do you fall in love easily? When you first start dating someone do you go “all in” and decide this is the person for you? Regardless of any actual compatibility between you, do you feel grateful he or she is showing interest in you? If you feel like you’re falling …

When to First Say I Love You 3

When to First Say I Love You

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When should you first say I love you? To some degree trust your instincts. But if you’re feeling it in the first week or so, realize that your feelings are probably lust or infatuation, not true love. If you say those three little words too quickly, a healthy partner will think you’re …