Red Flags You Need to Heed

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If you know what red flags to look for in the beginning of a relationship then you can make a better decision about who is a keeper and who is just fun for right now. When you observe red flag behavior don’t ignore it. I promise you it will get worse if you stay in the relationship. You can save yourself from heartache and make better use of your valuable time by getting out right away.

Common Red Flags that Should Make You End It:

  1. A blamer. He or she will blame everyone else for anything that goes wrong. That’s a sure sign he/she can’t take responsibility for their part when things go wrong.
  2. A complainer. Complaining is negative energy, and energy is contagious. Instead of putting up with a toxic complainer, you deserve a proactive difference maker who is happy and positive.
  3. Their past behavior is a turn-off.  If your date tells you something about their past such as they were a cheater, had commitment issues, never had a relationship last more than 6 months, etc., then take that as a fact that they will behave the same with you. No matter how strong your connection is you can’t change him or her.
  4. They’ve never felt this way before. You never know how you will respond to something until it happens to you. So if someone falls head over heels in love for the first time it will bring up all sorts of fears and anxieties they haven’t felt before too. Just be careful. Keep your feet on the ground and the pace slow.