Is Superficial Conversation Keeping You Single?

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Do you know what to talk about on a first date? Do you even give any thought to it? If you’re having a lot of first dates but not many second or third dates you might want to stop just winging your conversation. You may be portraying yourself as superficial.

Instead of superficial conversation, the conversation on the first date should revolve around getting to know each other. Do you like sports? What kind of music? Where did you go to school? Any hobbies? Passions? It’s about finding out if you’ll be compatible. Don’t complain about anything or be negative in any way; do not try to compete with or debate with your date. That will turn him or her off.

Most importantly, don’t get so caught up in wanting him or her to like you that you don’t evaluate how you feel about them. Does he or she make you feel comfortable? Are you enjoying their company? Does he or she share your same views about life? Does he match with your true self? Maintain your power and be confident about who you are, and if he’s right for you, then he’ll like you.

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