How to Have Kissable Breath

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A first kiss can be a memorable moment…unless you have bad breath.

How you kiss can make or break your chances of making a great connection. A great kiss can, and usually does, sweep you off your feet. Conversely, a bad kiss can, and usually does, kill any budding attraction—pushing you into “the friend zone.”

Finding that person you want to kiss is hard enough. Make sure you don’t turn off “the one” by having UN-kissable breath.

Having kissable breath takes more than just a breath mint. Have you seen those commercials warning that “a little pink in the sink” is a sign of Gingivitis? Gingivitis, a mild gum disease, is very easy to get if you don’t brush and floss at least twice a day—regularly. An unfortunate symptom of Gingivitis is bad breath, that you personally can’t smell.

Many people overlook the importance of flossing. My dentist told me that if I could only do one, brush or floss, it would be better to floss. Using a 6 in one anti-cavity mouthwash after will give you extra benefit. Make sure you see your dentist twice a year for checkups and cleaning.

Then, of course, there is what you eat. If you both eat garlic or onions they will cancel each other out (meaning you won’t smell it on each other.) But make sure you don’t eat anything pungent for lunch on the day of a date, you don’t want it coming up on you.

For after dinner freshening please opt for a breath mint as opposed to gum. The mint will do its job and then just subtly dissolve. Gum hangs around to get in the way, and more importantly, chewing is unattractive. No one wants to hear someone chew! If you can’t keep your mouth closed while you chew gum (which is not easy depending on the size of your wad) then you are being rude, and quite possibly annoying. A mint is a much better choice.

It’s really hard to tell someone they have bad breath but you can do them a favor by sending them this video…if you really like that someone you’ll be doing yourself a favor too!

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