Dating Out of Your League

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If you’re feeling like you’re dating out of your league or in any way not good enough for the person you’re dating then he or she will ultimately decide that too. Because you are what you think you are. Your behavior, actions, and insecurities are all created by your thoughts, and they become transparent to your partner too. So if you don’t want to lose him or her, you need to change your thinking.

No one is out of your league unless you think they are.

Confidence is very attractive. Recognize that attraction is different for everyone. Meaning, things that you don’t like about yourself may be very attractive to your partner. Never assume that you know what your partner thinks. You don’t, and choosing to think negative thoughts is destructive! Never point out your flaws — you need to embrace them! You need to love and believe in yourself unconditionally.

Affirmations are very effective to help you view yourself more positively. Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain has the best affirmation exercise I have found. It describes a better way to combat your resistance.


Creative Visualization

Affirmations and positive thinking will help if you feel like you’re dating out of your league.

 Creative Visualization has the best affirmation exercise I have found.





The Self-Esteem Workbook

High self-esteem will never allow you to feel like you’re dating out of your league.



The Self-Esteem Workbook






When you act insecure you usually manifest exactly what you fear — you’re left alone. Your internal dialogue is extremely important. Make sure the things you say to yourself are kind and helpful — not mean and critical. You’re probably a lot nicer to others than you are to yourself. Stop that! Imagine you have an inner cheerleader — a positive voice cheering yourself on and congratulating yourself on anything and everything you do.

When you raise your self-esteem and treat yourself with respect you will realize that no one is out of your league. You’ll also make better choices about who’s right for you.