Be Careful With Others Feelings

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Being negligent or insensitive with a lover’s feelings or worse intentionally hurting them is mean, and can cause you a lot of unnecessary grief. Being on the receiving end of uncaring actions is typically what leads a jilted lover to obsessive and even stalking behaviors. So protect yourself from future retaliation by always doing the right thing. Always be careful with others feelings.

You may not even recognize that you’re being uncaring. You’re probably just doing whatever you want to do without thinking about how your actions affect someone else. If you’ve never had your heartbroken you simply don’t have the perspective of how selfish you may be acting. That’s why I’m cautioning you to take notice.

Below are some examples of behaviors to avoid. Trust me, when you do the right thing you’ll be happier in the long run.

Intentionally Hurtful Actions

Ghosting: Disappearing (cutting all contact & communication) without any warning or explanation.

Cheating: Starting a new relationship before ending your current one.

Betraying: Dating a friend or relative of your lover.

Insensitive with Someone’s Feelings

Using for Sex: Having no interest in a relationship, just looking for recurring hookups.

String Along: Knowing that he or she wants a full commitment and you don’t, but not ending it for your own selfish reasons.

Not Listening: Ignoring things your lover wants or needs.