Are You Edgy or Just Rude?

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Do you have an A-type personality that tends to take charge and sometimes be impatient? If so, you may be coming off as rude and turning off your date. You need to know if you’re being edgy or just rude.

Confidence is very attractive but it becomes control if you don’t give your date a choice. Such as, if you order food for her without consulting her on what she’d like. Or if you’re rude to the waiter or waitress by being demanding or requiring immediate or special attention, it won’t matter how charming you are to your date. You’ll still be waving a bright red flag in her eyes.

And if you’re the type of person who always needs to be first, keep in mind that might keep you alone. The Buddhists very wise believe in always acting with compassion. If you always treat others with compassion you will find it easier to win their hearts.

If things have to be your way or no way, you’re clearly not interested in your date’s needs. So don’t be surprised if your date isn’t interested in you.

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