Are You Being Attentive Enough on Dates?

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If you’re too shy or uncomfortable to hold eye contact with someone you like then your body language is saying the opposite of what you feel. Your date will assume you’re just not into them if you’re not being attentive enough on dates.

First dates can be scary and cause people to behave in nervous ways that send the wrong messages to their date. Make sure you’re not making any of the common mistakes that prevent a connection from being made.

Tips be attentive enough on dates to Show You’re Interested:

      1. Put your cell phone away and do not text, check email, or take phone calls. The only exception for keeping your phone in sight on the bar or table is if you have children, and even then you should only respond to your child.
      2. Listen to your date, don’t interrupt or tune out while he or she is talking.
      3. Ask questions to learn what your dates thinks about and likes.
      4. Make eye contact. Do not look around the room, keep your attention on your date.
      5. Don’t flirt with anyone but your date. It’s rude to show personal attention to the waitress, bartender, or anyone other the person you’re with.
      6. Keep your thoughts in the present. Don’t think about your ex or anything thing that is stressing you. Dating is a great excuse to let everything go and be free of any problems for the night.

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