1 In Person & 3 Phone Sessions


Save $150! Most Popular Coaching Package
We’ll meet In-Person for up to 3 hours in NY or Philly.
We’ll talk via Phone, Zoom, or Skype for 3 hours.
Space sessions however you want, they never expire.
Includes in-between support.


We will meet in person over a meal or coffee in the New York City or Philadelphia area for 2 to 3 hours, whatever you need. Then we’ll have 3 hours to use on the phone, Zoom, or Skype however you want. Space sessions at your own pace. Sessions never expire. I’ll assign actions for you to take between sessions.

This package gives you a $150 discount to get support to get through a breakup, improve your dating life or relationship, or help you set goals and take actions to achieve them.

Meeting face to face helps me get to know you and get a feel for how others perceive you. I call it my Personal Image & Relationship Consultation partly because online dating apps are very visually geared. I find that many of my clients look much better in person, that their online photos aren’t doing them justice. I’m good with Photoshop and can help you edit or get great photos to represent you well. Plus, I’ll get a better of sense of what to write in your profile to attract the right person for you.

If you’re already in a relationship or not quite ready to date I’ll be the compassionate ear of a close mentor or knowledgeable friend to truly hear what you’re going through. I’ll give you an unbiased plan of action to achieve what you truly want.

I usually meet with clients in a quiet coffee shop on the upper west side but I’m happy to come near you if you know of a place. I also have a car and can meet in Philly or any of the surrounding areas.

Both in person and on the follow-up phone sessions I’ll listen to what you’re going through and what you need help with. I’ll ask wisdom access questions and offer my opinions and suggestions. If you’re Online I will make over your profile and pictures. I’ll follow up with helpful tools and support. In-between support via text and email is included. I’m here for you!

I’ll be notified when you check out and will email you to arrange our first appointment.

The below CUSTOMER REVIEWS were implemented on February 19, 2019. For prior reviews visit https://nydatingcoach.com/reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great advice and support

Donna is wonderful! Working with her is like having a combination big sister, adviser and cheerleader on your side. She is very warm and supportive while also providing very helpful and practical advice. I highly recommend working with her.

Thanks Beth! I really enjoyed our meeting and I'm so glad I could be there for you!

Excellent Perspective and Advice

Donna has been my life coach for many years. To say she helped me to discover a better understanding of myself in order to have a better relationship and success in my love life, would be an understatement. Compassionate yet determined to help you understand how to get your life on the right path, Donna is someone to whom I give much credit for helping me change my love life.

Thank You Donna

Dave P

Thanks Dave! It's been my pleasure to be there for you all the time. I'm so proud of you for becoming the amazing man you are! And I'm so happy for you that you've found a really good relationship!!!

Marabella B.
Best investment to help me find ‘the one’

I had years of dating what I thought were going to be ‘successes’ but turned into ‘fails’. I was growing anxious because most of my friends were either in serious relationships or were on the verge of marriage. Dating in NYC is awful, and I needed help-fast. Donna helped me with my dating journey. She started with helping me clean up my online dating profiles to helping me date the ‘right’ guys. Soon I found myself enjoying dating and feeling more confident in myself and my dating choices. I’m happy to say I’m finally in a serious relationship and that was with the incredible coaching Donna gave me from helping me with the online dating apps to giving me THE BEST advice and guidance with dating. She’s the reason I am in a healthy, happy relationship today.

Time well spent with the one on one

Meeting Donna was such a wonderful experience! I contacted her and set up an appointment to meet. I Generally am a very punctual person, so I wanted to arrive a few minutes early. As I arrived I called to. Let her know that I am there, she responded but saying that she was already inside and waiting!
The get one on one meeting was perfect! She let me make my statements and tell her my thoughts and my situation; after that she gave me new insights and a bunch of new perspectives to my situation!

I highly recommended contacting her and the time was well spent!