Emergency Coaching Session


Within 24 hours. We’ll talk up to 90 minutes via Phone or Skype
I’m frequently available immediately, including nights & weekends
Dating, Relationship, & Breakup Coaching. Call me and I’ll help you feel better.


Emergency Coaching Session
We’ll talk Up to 90 minutes via phone or Skype.
Usually available within 24 hours, frequently immediately, even on nights & weekends.

Sometimes you just need a nonbiased, sympathetic ear to help you process what you’re feeling. I’m here for you! I understand feeling confused, frustrated, or in pain about a relationship. I get how difficult it is to be pining for someone, feeling abandoned or betrayed, and wanting your ex back.

If you’re hurting or simply confused about what to do or think, call me and I’ll help you feel better. I’m easy to talk to and have years of experience to draw from to give you answers to deal with your issues. Whether you’re struggling with a breakup, unhappy in your relationship, dealing with cheating, or single and not sure how to find someone, I’ll help you make good choices to move forward and be happier.

I’ll be notified when you checkout and will email you as soon as I can to arrange our appointment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great Skype session

Donna is very knowledgeable and gives her expert opinion on all things related to the dating game. Very informative on things from a Women's point of view which is much needed sometimes to see an issue objectively. I highly recommend her!

Emergency Coaching Session

I had seen Donna on YouTube for some time as I was researching online relationship coaches. I was not unfamiliar with the process, but was not entirely happy with the advice I had received. As I was going through a breakup, I found myself listening to Donna's YouTube videos more frequently. I decided to go to her website and purchase a "session" to discuss my specific situation. Donna's site was easy to use to book and the Skype process made it comfortable. I found Donna to be fully engaged throughout our conversation (by phone, but even more evident through Skype as you can have the eye contact sometimes you would like to have) and very helpful in bringing up different issues of which I was unaware or needed to consider. I appreciated the insight she shared based on not only her personal experiences, but also on the experiences she has had with her many clients. She's right - Donna makes you feel like you are comfortably talking with a close friend over coffee or wine. It was judgment-free space where I was listened to and not just heard. I felt Donna cared. Over time, I needed to reach out to Donna regarding concerns in the relationship and the breakup. Donna made herself available and easy to reach at every opportunity which arose. Donna's advice is good and solid - and her book is very well-written and entertaining. I highly recommend Donna Barnes for relationship and breakup advice - and will pick up the phone and call her the next time I need wisdom and caring advice!

Donna is Amazing

During 2017, I met and fell deeply in love with the man of my dreams. Not only was he extremely handsome, but he was also caring, compassionate, and an amazing friend. I couldn't have been happier. However, after four months, the relationship suddenly drifted and I sensed and unforeseen break-up headed my way.

Wanting to save the relationship, and thinking its demise was entirely my fault, I engaged Donna Barnes for guidance and support. Donna was absolutely amazing - she took the time to coach me about the status of the relationship, why certain events were happening, my emotions, and how to regain my strength when the relationship finally ended.

I found Donna's insight, feedback, and advice to be spot-on. I have since healed and I am now ready to date again, something I never thought possible several months earlier. Donna's coaching was very valuable to me and I now consider her a close and great friend.

-Chicago, 44

The best dating coach out there!

My boyfriend left me and I felt so lost. I found a book titled “JUNK-FOOD RELATIONSHIPS: RECIPES FOR HEALTHY CHOICES” and it all suddenly started to click. I realized the author who is Donnna Barnes is a life and dating coach; I felt like I hit a gold mine! I reached out and she gave me the BEST advice! Finding that book was the best thing to happen to me after that break-up! She had so much to share, gave me so much to work with, she was a game changer. I highly recommend Donna!

Thanks Lisa! I'm so glad you found me; I really enjoyed helping you feel whole again! That's awesome my book helped you too. I wrote it because I was having the same conversation with lots of clients about what a healthy relationship even is. Check out Giving Up Junk-Food Relationships at this link: https://amzn.to/2BRt9ae
Life coach savior

As a recent divorcée, I had no idea how to get back into the dating world. I felt insecure, out of touch, and needed more help than anyone could offer. I reached out to Donna Barnes not thinking much could come out of it, and boy was I wrong! She helped my with the best dating sites, coached me on getting back in the game, and was there every time I needed her to help with a new date or figure out next steps. I could not have done it without her. I finally feel confident and am happily dating again!

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