Services Comments "Donna made sure I didn't fall apart, she was available when I needed her which is priceless during a breakup (unlike the other counselors)... "

— Lisa, 34
Services Comments "I was able to achieve more with you in only 13 hours than I had in 40+ combined hours with all the other coaches I worked with."

— Braedan, 26
Services Comments "I got engaged two weeks ago.
Thanks for all your excellent insight over the years"

— John, 46
Services Comments "Although my experience with a psychiatrist and other counselor were helpful, neither of them were able to show me which options truly existed, and how to make the right decisions. Donna always had the right advice."

— Lisa, 34
Services Comments "The only time I feel better is when I'm talking to you."

— Tim, 49
Slide "We have accomplished more together than I have in ten years of therapy, or alternative life coaching."

— Debra, 50
Services Comments "I'm such a better person because of you Donna Barnes."

— Kevin, 44
Services Comments "I found Donna's insight, feedback, and advice to be spot-on. I have since healed and I am now ready to date again, something I never thought possible several months earlier."

— Chicago, 39
Services Comments "You're very easy to talk to and enthusiastic about what you teach."

— Gabby, 25
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