Stop Making Excuses for Your Lover

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People do what they want to do. If you always remind yourself of that, it really is quite simple. As caring beings, we usually like to give people the benefit of the doubt. We frequently conjure up pleasant scenarios to explain away undesirable behavior: “he’s really busy at work,” “she’s …

Energy is Contagious

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I believe a person’s happiness level dictates his or her degree of patience and compassion. Think about it. When you’re content and life is going well for you, aren’t you much more tolerant than when things aren’t going exactly as you hoped? If your order takes a little too long, …

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Finding a happy relationship is not really about what you look like. Or what a man or woman thinks of you. It’s not about what he or she wants, or likes or does. It’s all about you! It’s about what you think. What you feel. And what you choose.

Don’t Test Your Partner

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Playing games in a relationship doesn’t work. Games create competition, and a winner and loser. Playing games is manipulative and a way to avoid intimacy. Some people think game playing does make things more interesting. It’s considered cool if you have “game”. But interesting doesn’t mean healthy. Game playing is …