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Self-esteem is different

from confidence.


Confidence is your belief in

your ability to do things.


Self-esteem is how you

feel about yourself.

In addition to my education, I have more than thirty years of personal dating and relationship experience, including some devastating breakups. I've been there!


Donna Barnes is a New York University Certified Life & Relationship Coach, and Heartbreak Coach.

She's the Relationship Expert for Good Morning America, and Author of Giving Up Junk-Food Relationships: Recipes for Healthy Choices


♥  Still searching for the one?


♥  Frustrated with online dating?


♥  Confused about someone?


♥  New to how dating is today?


In a Relationship?

initial romantic bliss?



one of you is unsure?




to leave, or don't know how?

Grateful Clients

Giving Up Junk-Food Relationships:

Recipes for Healthy Choices


                                     By Donna Barnes

Bad relationships are pretty

much the same as junk food.

I'm so happy you found my website. I truly believe that your relationship status is all about you! And that's great news, because it means you don't need to rely on hope if you're not happy with your current situation...


YOU have the power to change it!


It’s all about your choices, your actions, your thoughts and feelings. Energy is contagious, and like attracts like. What kind of energy are you radiating?


Choose your situation above and I will help you create the relationship of your dreams!

Donna Barnes New York Life & Relationship Coach for Good Morning America

♥  Want him or her back?


♥  Unable to deal with the pain?


♥  Can't stop texting, calling and



♥  Stuck and unable to move on?

(overwhelmed after a divorce?)

trying to communicate?

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♥  Trying to recapture that



♥  Talking about marriage but



♥  Trying to forgive a betrayal?


♥  Wanting to get out but afraid

The Key to Finding Your Right Match!


Donna is proud to have launched her own dating site with the award-winning dating software and services provider, White Label Dating. She is highly impressed with their commitment to ensuring genuine members. In conjunction with Online Dating Protector, Donna Barnes Dating provides 24/7 moderation, live chat, scam prevention software and checked profiles and pictures.


Plus you can get astrology reports, personality tests, date on your mobile, video profiles, filter emails, dating diaries, and more.

And of course Donna will be there to help. Sign up now to browse our 682,000 members...and growing.





 "A welcome addition to the self-help

genre that aims to heal body and mind."

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