1. You’re making dinner for your ex, and you accidentally leave one of the side dishes in the oven a little too long. What would your ex do?

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2. You’re going to the movies and your ex asks you to find out what time a specific feature is playing. S/he is late, and when you get there the flick is sold out. How would your ex respond?

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3. You run into an old flame that you haven’t seen or spoken to in several years. It’s a friendly encounter, but nothing more. How would you handle it with your ex if you were still together?

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4. If you were upset about something your ex did, how would you address the situation?

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5. You're at a party talking to a group of your friends when you casually mention an opinion about something that your ex doesn’t agree with. How does s/he react?

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6. Which statement best describes your actions in your relationship with your ex?

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7. Your family is having a get-together and your ex, who has already met them, is invited. What would your ex do?

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8. When you disagreed about something with your ex, how did you handle it?

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9. How do your friends and family feel about the way your ex treated you?

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10. How did your ex make you feel in your relationship?

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