Bathroom Humor on a First Date

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A first date should be fun but it’s also about making a great first impression. If things are going well why take a chance at turning your date off by talking about bodily functions? Bathroom humor is offensive to a lot of people.

Especially if you’re a girl. You may think you’re being “one of the guys” but most men want a lady. Don’t allow yourself to be viewed as “in the friend zone”. You want to create sexual intrigue and make him curious about what it will be like to be intimate with you. If you talk about farting, burping, or going “number two” you’ll kill his fantasy about you—and turn him off.

Many people are highly grossed-out by that kind of talk, so please don’t do it on a first, second, or even third date. If you have that kind of humor in common leave it for a later date to discover…once you already have a deep connection.

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