Are Your Dating Manners & Hygiene Keeping You Single?

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I read in a man’s online profile that he was requesting women to shower before their date because he had been out with too many women who smelled bad. I was shocked. Theses simple grooming tips will make sure you’re not possibly turning your dates off with bad dating manners & hygiene.

Simple Grooming Tips

1. Get regular manicures & pedicures. Do them yourself if you can’t afford to pay a professional.

2. Keep your hair trimmed, colored, and stylish. If you’ve been wearing the same hairstyle for years, ask your stylist to recommend an exciting new look. A new haircut can do wonders for your self-esteem. Cover your roots and grays at all times. A cute hat can help in a pinch.

3. Have white teeth and fresh breath. You don’t have to have movie-star white teeth but make sure they’re not yellowing. Brush again just before a date and carry mints or other breath fresheners in your purse (for after a meal). However, avoid gum. Chomping on gum is very unattractive. If you must, then keep your mouth closed and keep it subtle…and quiet!

4. Choose classic over trendy. You don’t have to waste your money keeping up with the hottest trends. Most men don’t know the difference anyway. But make sure your clothes are clean and pressed, and look feminine. Jeans are ok sometimes but men appreciate skirts and dresses…and high heels. Your shoes can make or break an outfit.

5. Simple is sexy. Showing everything you have is not sexy. You have to leave something up to his imagination. If you have great legs then wear the short skirt, but pair it with a more conservative blouse or sweater. If you wear something tight choose whether it’s your top or bottom, but not both. If you have great breasts wear something that flatters them, but don’t put them out there in his face (and everyone else’s). The slutty look might get you laid but it won’t get you respect. When respect is gone, so is the relationship.

6. Frumpy is only for cleaning the house. Men are very visual. Don’t wear over-sized baggy clothes that hide your figure. Be proud of who you are. There are figure-flattering looks for every size.

7. Shave, bathe, and easy on the perfume. We all have a natural scent. Scientists have always known that animals secrete pheromones to attract their mates. But there have been recent findings that prove humans have pheromones too and that they’re responsible for the chemistry between two people. So before a date make sure you’re clean and exuding your natural scent. If you like perfume and scented body lotion choose a light fragrance and use it sparingly. The wrong scent could literally repeal the man who’s supposed to be right for you.

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